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Wonder is putting together a ‘Guide of Community Assets’ and needs your help

What are ‘community assets’?
They are any ‘place’ – indoors or out – that could be used for an event. It could be for public events like workshops or live music nights, or it could be for private events such as a wedding reception or a surgery. The guide will list everything you need to know – location, resources available such as kitchen or kettle/chairs and tables, access information including parking, contact details and, of course, cost.

If you know of anywhere, however random (Wonder will track them down), - community hall, church, school or even your empty garage or patch of front garden (small is good!) - that might be included in the guide, please contact Wonder’s project manager Kim Hart at wonderwestnorwood@gmail.com.

What is Wonder?
Wonder is an inclusive grassroots project whose core purpose is to provide support to people and projects that promote the importance of the arts in sustaining a healthy community.

The project is driven by the knowledge and experience of its West Norwood and Tulse Hill partners:
• Local not-for-profit community arts enabler and venue Portico Gallery
• Local mental health charity Southside Rehabilitation Association (SRA)
• The West Norwood/Tulse Hill BID: Station to Station
• The volunteer powered street market festival West Norwood Feast.

And, the first part of the Wonder project is to complete a ‘Guide of Community Assets’, as described above. Whilst designed for use by local creative enablers and health practitioners, everyone should find it useful – whether looking for a fun venue for your child’s birthday party, or for a place with a piano for choir practise.

Contact Kim as well, if you would like to get involved, if your work crosses over with the aims of the project and you want to discuss any ideas, or to just to find out more. Wonder looks forward to hearing from you!