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Heathrow Airport expansion

Plans are afoot to increase the number of flights to the planned new three runway London Heathrow Airport.This will increase the number of flights over the whole of Norwood.  A public consultation called Airspace and Future Operations Consultation is underway to seek views by way of a questionnaire.

Once you have entered your postcode, the design envelope for Norwood is presented along with information on the number, height and noise of potential flights over this area, to give an understanding of the potential impact of flights. For Norwood, there will be:

  • 0-47 arrival flights per hour
  • Flying at 3-4,000 ft.

Information on existing noise pollution from flights over Norwood is not provided. Air pollution is not covered at all.

Views are sought on any sites or locations that require special consideration in determining where future flight paths will be. At the end of the questionnaire, there is an opportunity to give general feedback at the end of the questionnaire.

Heathrow’s stated proposed noise objective is:

To limit and, where possible, reduce the effects of noise on health and quality of life and deliver regular breaks from scheduled flights for our communities during the day and night. We need to do this whilst making sure the measures we put in place are proportionate and cost effective.

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