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Leigham Court Road resurfacing

We have learnt that the section of Leigham Court Road from Rockhampton Road to St. Julians Farm Road will be closed for resurfacing over the period from the evening of Thursday 9 to the morning of Saturday 11 September 2021.

There will inevitably be disruption and noise nuisance affecting local residents. It is expected that the works will be completed over two nights but unforeseeable circumstances may cause changes to this schedule.

The letter to local residents from Ringway (the Council's contractor) gives the following contact information if you have any special requirements or issues to raise:

James Coe/Mark Collison
Phone: 0845 601 7087 (Central Operations Hub: Ringway)
Email: Lambeth.schemes@ringway.co.uk
Lambeth Highways phone no.: 020 7926 9000

We have written to Ringway asking to be routinely kept informed of this sort of works so we can inform the wider local community and seekng clarification on why these works are always undertaken overnight.