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Have your say on Lambeth’s Budget

Further to our earlier story, Lambeth Council’s consultation programme on its budget for the next four years is now underway. The Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance states:

“This is a hugely challenging and important financial strategy, outlining how we propose to make the further £43m of savings required following central government cuts, while still providing the vital services that residents expect and that look after the most vulnerable people in our borough.

Savings proposals are nothing new, we’ve had to find over £200m worth since 2010 due to austerity measures imposed by central government. We’ve already dramatically reduced staff numbers, scaled down from 14 council buildings in the borough to just two, moved to more digital forms of service delivery, and changed the way we provide nearly every service. But the cuts to our budget keep coming…"

Views on the Council’s current budget position and savings proposals are required 14 January 2019. Take the survey here. If you have further questions or comments you can also get in contact at: engagement@lambeth.gov.uk.