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Vale Street Reuse and Recycling centre: new arrangements for pedestrians

We were pleased to see a local resident has successfully lobbied the Council in reopening the recycling centre to pedestrians. This issue was raised with Councillor Matthew Bennett who advised that the Council has now agreed the following protocol with Veolia (who run the centre):

Local residents wishing to deposit waste should first approach a Veolia member of staff on the front gate at Vale Street with proof of residency and a description of the waste they want to dispose of.
If the disposal is authorised by the Veolia staff member they would then be able to bring the waste to the site.
On the resident’s return to the site they would need to wait at the entrance until the staff member on the gate indicates it is safe to enter the site and deposit the waste. This is important as we want to avoid cars and pedestrians moving in the same area.
A separate drop off point will be available for residents, just inside the gate, where they can deposit their waste. This will then be moved by the on site team when there are no vehicle movements.
Under no circumstances can a resident park a car or van outside site and walk waste in.
Vans are not permitted on site and if a resident has a car and lives in the borough then
they should book an appointment via the website.”

The Council website will no doubt be updated accordingly; the website sets out the current rules for motorists. It should be emphasised that the rules are in place to keep residents and staff safe and to reduce queues. This is not a return to normal operations.