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Love Lambeth Valentine's Day campaign

The Love Lambeth news team at Lambeth Council have launched a Valentine's Day campaign to celebrate peace, love and unity in our wonderful borough, and are asking partners and friends like you to get involved. They say:

“Planning for this Valentine's Day celebration started before Sunday's shocking terror-related incident in Streatham, but we now have extra motivation to make it special and hope that you will join us in spreading an important message of love to the community.
To celebrate the people who make Lambeth special this Valentine's Day, we are distributing postcards and spreading the #LoveLambeth message across social media on Valentine's Day next Friday... and here is where we need your help!
We want you to join us in celebrating the people who you think deserve recognition and love for what they do, and to encourage those you know or work with to do the same by following these three simple steps:
Step 1: Love
Do something to celebrate a person, place or organisation that makes you #LoveLambeth
Step 2: Share
Make them feel extra-special by sharing your appreciation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever social network you use, with the hashtag #LoveLambeth
Step 3: Nominate
Spread the love by nominating someone you know to do the same!
We want to create a social media presence around this on the 13th and 14th February, so please create and post your social media content then, and start encouraging your networks to get involved as soon as possible!”

Special postcards have been printed and if you contact the team they will arrange a time for you to pick them up from Lambeth Town Hall.

Further information: The #LoveLambeth team