• Norwood Forum

Lambeth Five Year Licensing Review

Norwood Forum has responded to Lambeth’s draft Licensing Policy 2019-2024 covering all licensed activities, including opening times for establishments such as cinemas, clubs, indoor sporting events, large events held in parks as well as the supply of alcohol.   This will apply to all  new licence applications or to applications for a variation of an existing licence application and any proposals.  Current license holders will not be affected.

Norwood Forum does not feel that the draft Policy fully reflects the priorities of the community and the issues that have been identified include:

1) The different hours for restaurants and venues like the West Norwood Library & Picturehouse or the South London Theatre.   People would not be allowed to have a drink with their meal after midnight between Sundays and Thursdays, whilst Pubs will be able to serve alcohol up to 1.00 am between Mondays and Thursdays and up to 2.00 am on Friday and Saturdays.  The application for up to 03.00 am for KFC was, however, regarded as excessive.

2) A ban on off-licenses selling alcohol before 10.00 am. This is to help break the cycle of problem street drinkers but needs to be enforced on supermarkets (Co-op, Iceland, Sainsbury and Tesco) not just small retailers.

3) Confusion over the boundaries and treatment of pubs in residential areas, e.g. the Rosendale.

4) The lack of mention of the processes for getting residents views on impact assessments and for reporting problems for subsequent enforcement action.  

We will update you with our progress.