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West Norwood Health & Leisure Centre: closure of pool and other facilities

Better, currently the Council's leisure contractor, has published a statement on the current closure of the swimming pool.

Since works began last summer to renovate the changing rooms and undertake other works, there has been intermittent and then permanent pool closures as well as the closure of the changing rooms and toilets. We have been in regular contact with the Council to express our concerns on the lack of information and timetable for the necessary repairs. The statement by Better does not acknowledge the months of closure of the facilities, give any clarity on who is undertaking the works, or provide a timeline or firm date for the reopening of all the facilities. We are pressing the Council to make a fuller statement on the situation so that the local community can have confidence that repair works truly are being undertaken as quickly as possible. Better has offered compensation to those affected by the closures, and we are asking the Council to ensure this reflects the disruption and closures that have ensued since works began in the summer of 2022.