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​Christmas Present Appeal 2020 (Covid-Secure)

Request from our local Salvation Army:
'SOS to our lovely West Norwood Community members!!
We've been working diligently, teamed with Upper Norwood, to get through our lists of children and match them with the perfect gifts received —but we've now had 400+ more requests for gifts for our local children and we're running low.'
Please help if you can and share this appeal today!
Christmas Present Appeal 2020 (Covid-Secure)
Please help us ensure vulnerable children in our community have a gift to open on Christmas morning.
Our Christmas Appeal Wish List from Amazon details toys and presents that we know local children will love, and delivers them directly to us for sorting and distribution making the process quick, safe, and efficient.
Start by visiting our website where you can choose gifts to send or make a financial donation via JustGiving

Demand is expected to be high - but folk are already being extremely generous and thoughtful - thank you so much!
(This is our preferred route for being Covid-Secure.)

We are also accepting donations of new toys/gifts for children at our church hall which is open each Wednesday between 10-2pm. Simply ring the bell, Michelle or Karen will come down to answer the door, and there is a box to ‘drop’ the present into - which we then quarantine before sorting.

Thank you once again for your kind generosity, and for thinking of us in this way.