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Norwood Forum supports Norwood Feast Black History Month 2019

Sade Cole who organised Black History Month writes: 

“Norwood Forum kindly donated towards Feast Black History Month held on Sunday 6 October 2019.  Norwood Forum's donation went towards providing a Ghanaian drumming workshop organised by One Drum held in front of St Luke’s Church.  The One Drum performance included a history of the drums and gave children and mums & dads a chance to play, sing along and dance. 

Other events organised were talks from Angie Osbourne of Black Inventions and Joanna Brown leading a variety of poets, prose and singers in regards to ‘Climbing Clouds Catching Comets' written by Alexander ‘King’ Paul.

Norwood Forum helped bring a part of Black History Month to West Norwood and contributed towards an authentic West African drumming workshop helping FEAST to provide free events for the community led market.”