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Controlled Parking Zone extension programme 2019-23

Lambeth Council has decided to explore an expansion of controlled parking for an area centred on Croxted Road as well as areas of Streatham.  Public consultation on the Croxted Road proposal is due to start this month, with a planned introduction of April 2020.

In 2016 the Council commenced a borough-wide review of the council’s existing controlled parking zones (CPZs) and a feasibility assessment of new parking controls in non-CPZ areas. This new five-year investment programme proposes introducing potential controlled parking on the public highway in the south of the borough. Lambeth Council states:

  • Robust parking management is an important contributor to achieving Future Lambeth’s vision of creating strong and sustainable neighbourhoods. It:
  • Improves the quality of life for residents by reliably being able to park close to their home.
  • Discourages car-borne commuting, thereby encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport and improving air quality
  • Frees-up kerbside space for use by delivery vehicles, electric vehicle charging points, cycle hangars, short-stay visitors and customers.
  • Makes the borough’s streets safer, less congested and protects access for the vehicles who need to use them.
  • Prioritises the needs the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and bus users.
  • Can improve the visual amenity of the borough’s streets, particularly in town centres and residential areas.

Read the council report here