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Celebrate Car Free Day – apply for play streets

Residents are being encouraged by Lambeth Council to apply for Play Streets and to celebrate Car Free Day on 22 September 2019 by Lambeth council. Play Streets is an opportunity for residents to apply for their street to be closed for a few hours each week or once a month so that space can be used for children to play. Lambeth council states:

“There are many benefits to Play Streets including that it brings the community together, gives children a safe exciting place to play, as well as helping to reduce pollution on your road. Don’t worry – residents will still able to access their properties via car during the road closure. “Parents and other street residents act as wardens, allowing their neighbours to drive to and from their properties at a walking pace, through traffic is re-directed.

“Lambeth council are encouraging every Play Street to hold a launch event in celebration of Car Free Day, on the 22 September. “Car Free Day is an international day of celebration that promotes the idea that streets should be reclaimed so that they benefit all road users equally, and that we can all help to reduce car use resulting in a happier, cleaner world.

“We would like Lambeth to be a borough where the streets are not dominated by cars, where children can play outside in clean non-polluted air and adults come together to help make this happen. “Once granted the closure it is valid on the authorised dates for a year. “We would like to see many streets all across the borough taking advantage of this exciting opportunity.”

Advice and support is available for your Play Streets application and to create a successful launch event on Car Free Day. Express your interest to: Sustainabletravel@Lambeth.gov.uk 

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