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Norwood Road water mains works: 1 November 2919 update

On Friday Thames Water provided our local councillors with an update on the ongoing repair on Knight’s Hill:

  • Water had been re-routed around the network to ensure continuity of supply to local residents and to isolate the offending pipe.
  • It would be unlikely that water supplies would be turned off during the repair, but any issues should be reported to the 24 hour customer line on 0800 316 9800.
  •  Digging was underway to reach the pipe and engineers would be working around the clock to complete the repair over the weekend with an expectation this would be completed by Sunday evening.
  • Once the repair is completed the excavations will be filled and a new surface laid. This is expected to take approximately two weeks and would be undertaken during normal working hours.

Thames Water have also supplied traffic management drawings and a high level programme of works for the works opposite Perran Road at Tulse Hill to connect the new pipework (now from 1 November to 14 December 2019 (the planned Xmas break)) These can be found here:

High level programme

Norwood Road phase 2 open excavation works

Norwood Road phase 1 open excavation works

Norwood Road phase 2 pedestrian and cyclist movements

Essentially, the works areas are the northbound bus lane and an area immediately to the south. Single lanes in both directions will be maintained, with the complete closure of the bus lane. The southbound bus stop at Tulse Hill station will remain closed. Pedestrian access from the Co-Op to Tulse Hill station will be maintained.