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Lambeth primary school admission arrangements: proposed changes for some in 2021/22

Lambeth Council is proposing to decrease the current Published Admission Number (PAN) to a new PAN for 2021/22 onwards, due to falling population across the borough and London. One school with a reduced Reception intake would be Kingswood Primary School.

See further detail in the attached Letter of Notice and the table below for the details of which schools have agreed to reduce the number of Reception places:

School 2021/22 previous 2021/22 revised Address
Richard Atkins Primary School 45 30 New Park Road, SW2 4JP
Kingswood Primary School 90 60 Gipsy Road, SE27 9RD
Loughborough Primary School 60 30 Minet Road, SW9 7UA
Sudbourne Primary School 90 45 Hayter Road, SW2 5AP

This would apply to each Reception intake from September 2021 onwards and not to children already in the schools. Reducing numbers is not a permanent arrangement as Published Admission Numbers will be reviewed again for September 2022. The results of the consultation will be presented to the Office for the Schools Adjudicator for approval. If successful, the changes will be put in place for September 2021 entry.

Comments or requests for further information should be sent to: schooladmissions@lambeth.gov.uk.