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Tulse Hill Gyratory update

Sooner than expected, the Tulse Hill Gyratory stakeholder group comprising Councillors Olga Fitzroy and Saleha Jaffer, Station to Station BID, community reps and Norwood Forum, have just attended a meeting with TfL to review their early stage data work on the Tulse Hill Gyratory project.

What are we investigating?The A205 Tulse Hill gyratory within the London Borough of Lambeth forms part of Tulse Hill Town Centre and is a section of the Transport for London Road Network South Circular semi orbital.

Why Tulse Hill gyratory?
 The gyratory has been the focus of numerous collisions resulting in serious pedestrian and other casualties and strategic analysis indicates Tulse Hill has significant potential for a shift away from private car use to buses and cycling. Tulse Hill is strategically important for buses, cycling, and freight.

In about a month's time we will receive a timeline for the project. It is clear this will not be a short one, funding aside, the engineering and other design and consultation work is complex and TfL’s resources, as we know, are not without challenges. We are assured that the gyratory is now very much ‘in the system’, which is a significant step change in circumstances. The project falls under the Healthy Streets initiative.

Shorter term
We also discussed shorter term measures including new planting in containers to improve the streetscape appearance and air quality, and what interventions could be introduced to improve the situation at the zebra crossings on the western arm. The TfL team will report back on this.

In the meantime, TfL has launched a consultation on plans to introduce 65km of new 20mph speed limits within Lambeth which will include the gyratory.

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