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Windsor Grove Development

The issue has been rumbling along for so long that you may be forgiven if you have given up all hope of seeing off this pernicious development; perhaps that is precisely what the developers are hoping for.

The Norwood Forum, Norwood Action Group, Norwood Planning Assembly, Station to Station (the Business Improvement District), Helen Hayes (our MP), and over 1,400 residents have objected to this planning application.  An excellent and detailed objection has been submitted by Rob Andrew of NAG who had to wade through 4,000 pages of submitted evidence in order to formulate detailed forensic objections to the linked applications (here and here) on behalf of the Forum, NAG, NPA and the BID.

The crucial issue is the vast increase in the number of vehicles movements, estimated to be about 235 daily (150 HGVs), which will affect residents of Windsor Grove, the neighbouring streets, and the wider South London area. Added to that will be the associated pollution, congestion and road safety issues that will affect not only nearby schools, namely Kingswood Primary School and Park Academy but also several others along the route from their Lewisham site to the Windsor Grove site.

If you have yet to submit your objection, you can still do so by accessing Lambeth’s Planning site (ref. 20/01066/EIAFUL).

Additionally if you have yet to do so, you can add your name to the on-line petition; please do so (you are under no obligation to donate).