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Stop using dangerous weedkiller on London’s land

Locally, Incredibel Edible Lambeth is campaigning against contamination from glyphosate. If you want to learn more about pesticide contamination, take a look at the Pesticide Action Network website; also add your pledge to go pesticide-free in your garden.

The London Assembly is now calling for a ban on the use of glyphosate: 

"In 2015, the World Health Organisation’s cancer agency determined that the widely-used weedkiller glyphosate was likely “carcinogenic to humans”. Transport for London (TfL) which is “one of London’s largest landowners,” and operates under the auspices of the Mayor, uses the harmful pesticide on its 5,700 acre estate. Following a number of high-profile legal cases in the USA, the evidence of exposure to glyphosate’s carcinogenic effects on workers and the public is mounting. People are rightly questioning its continued use across London.

That’s why we called on the Mayor cease the use of the herbicide on Greater London Authority (GLA) land and the Transport for London (TfL) estate.

We’re calling on the Mayor to:

  • Bring forward an action plan and timetable for a major reduction, to zero over time, in the spraying of glyphosate on GLA land and the TfL estate, prioritising ensuring that tracksides are cleared using mechanical rather than chemical methods to guarantee safety and
  • call on London boroughs to cease the spraying of glyphosate in all council operations as soon as possible.

And we want your help: add your voice to the chorus calling to cease the use of glyphosate on our land>>"

More information here.