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The Flora of the Changing Arctic

Climate Change and the effects on arctic flora and biodiversity

Arctic biomes are warming faster than the global average, with knock-on biological and environmental consequences. As plants creep north to fill changing niches, the flora of the region faces a dramatic shift. Containing globally important habitats and carbon stores, the implications of change in the Arctic will be felt across the world. Shrub researcher Joe Boyle will discuss how biodiversity in the region is altered by temperature and timing, and the innovative studies used to understand such a hostile environment.

An event to coincide with London Climate Change Week

This is the annual Hume Centenary Educational Lecture in honour of the founder of the South Londln Botanical Institute: A O Hume.

When: Monday 9 November 2020 (7-8pm)

Where: online. Register on Eventbrite here. Donation requested.


event date: 

Monday, November 9, 2020