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Information in 51 languages

Advice in 51 Languages
The Doctors of the World website has UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice in 51 languages, produced in partnership with the British Red Cross. 

Support for the Portuguese speaking community in Lambeth

Help Line
A new Portuguese language helpline to support Portuguese speakers during the current crisis has been set up by the Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership with AgeUK: 
020 3143 4060 - open seven days a week 10am-4pm
They are also looking for more Portuguese speaking volunteers to help run the helpline. Click on the images below for a larger leaflet versions:


See also the Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership: Facebook and Website.

Translated Advice
Brixton-based community organisation Respeito, who work to reduce domestic violence in Lambeth’s Portuguese-speaking community, have arranged for translations of key information from the special coronavirus crisis edition of ‘Lambeth Talk’.

Other Languages?