“The Norwood Forum is a great place to meet and discuss with other young people. We have done some interesting things.”

“Great meeting every other week and discussing events for young people. Hope we can continue to grow”

“A group of smart, bright people putting something positive into the community”
Alex Hugh

“I love organising the events – hope we can continue”

“Thank you for encouraging me and welcoming me as a member”

“Something to bring the young voices of Norwood together. Great”

For further information contact our Vice-Chair, Jamal Rahman – jamal@norwoodcommunitygroup.co.uk

Outline Plan

Launched in February 2011 The Norwood Youth Forum’s prime objectives are to:-

a) develop a network of young people who empowered to identify local issues that are important to them.
b) to promote local youth service provision.
c) to engage in a constructive dialogue with providers of those services.
d) to promote a better understanding and cohesion between different age groups particularly the among the elderly.
e) to promote a better understanding between the police and and the younger community.


To do this the Forum has engaged young people on local estates, at assemblies at secondary schools and at tenants and residential associations. Attendance at local EXPOS in particular at the Elm Green School at which the Youth Forum held its launch day in February 2011. The areas covered are West Norwood, Gipsy Hill, Central Hill and parts of Upper Norwood.


Two important events have taken place. One called ‘Knowing your rights’ in which young people were able to voice their concerns about police treatment of young people. The result of this was a clearer understanding of the police’s position in this regard and a bond between the two parties was better forged.

The other took place to examine the motivation and attitudes of young people. This resulted in discussions on the future problems of career prospects, qualifications and jobs also the perceived attitude to young people by those in authority.


Interviews took place among young people and parents at which those from Kingsdale, Norwood School, St. Martin’s, Virgo Fidelis, Lambeth Academy and Sacred Heart attended. Subjects such as safety in the area, where to go for recreation and the provision of youth worker support including premises for this were discussed.

For further information contact our Vice-Chair, Jamal Rahman – jamal@norwoodcommunitygroup.co.uk