The South London Theatre Wins Heritage Lottery Fund Support

This site is for anyone who has an interest in the project. But it is especially for the people who can help us — people working in grant-giving trusts or funding bodies, local politicians and council officers, the many other groups that are supporting the project, or that we hope will.

In the parlance of fundraising this is our “case for support”.

Our project isn’t really complex, but it has several strands and aims to bring benefits in several ways. A section of this web site is devoted to each of the main areas where we want to bring benefits — Heritage (restoration of a Victorian Fire Station and opportunities for local people to learn about heritage and take an active role in the project), Theatre (space for a vibrant theatre company to thrive and reach out to new audiences), Youth (additional capacity to grow our youth theatre) and Community (providing a new multi-purpose space for local groups and access for people with mobility difficulties).

The section on The Project describes who we are, gives details of our objectives, our finances, and our plans to make it happen.

We recognise that funding organisations may target specific sectors for their giving — heritage, say, or community projects — and when speaking with them we will naturally emphasise the areas of their interest.

But it is important to us to also have a place where we can tell our whole story in our own way. And where the people who might wish to support us can get a view of the project as a whole.
This is that place. Please look around, enjoy, and if you have any questions or comments, drop me a line.

Bob Callender
The South London Theatre Building Preservation Trust

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