Norwood Forum Election Question Time

Full House at the Forum’s Election Question Time 

Over 130 residents turned up to quiz their Parliamentary Candidates at our West Norwood and Dulwich Question time held at The Portico Gallery on Knights Hill.

The Question Time was ably chaired by the Forum’s own Rob Andrew,

Parliamentary candidates face Norwood audience at Portico gallery

Parliamentary candidates face Norwood audience at Portico gallery

who introduced the candidates and asked them to give a short introductory statement.  We received over 20 pre-submitted questions, of which 5 -6 were asked during the evening.  The audience had come prepared and gave the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates a good grilling.  Some of the Topics discussed, were the Cinema/Library Project, School places (lack of), housing issues, lack of affordable homes, Austerity, the right to die, solar power, Syria, Iraq international policy.

Full House at the Portico Gallery

Apathy? What Apathy?

It was very encouraging to see such a good turnout at our Question Time as people crowded in to a packed Portico Gallery, with many late-comers having to stand at the back and sides of the hall. Such was the  interest in trying to determine the views of our candidates that the audience decided to continue well after the scheduled closing time of 9.00 pm.  We would like to thank all those who took part and special thank you to the candidates for coming along and engaging with us.