The Norwood Forum is an independent voluntary group whose purpose is to promote local involvement in public policy making and service provision at community level.The Forum seeks to represent and serve the area comprising the three southern Wards of the London Borough of Lambeth, namely Gipsy Hill, Knight’s Hill, and Thurlow Park Wards.Our constitution is available here to view here.

Membership of the Forum is open to anyone resident in the three Wards, businesses operating in the area or anyone else with a connection to the Norwood area. There is no membership cost. To register as a member please contact secretary@

Norwood Forum brings together residents, businesses and local organisations – from residents’ associations, tenants, schools and neighbourhood watches to Friends’ groups for parks and libraries – to discuss issues that affect them in our local community. We work together to ensure that our service providers know what Norwood needs and wants. We have high aspirations to help improve the social, economic and environmental provision for everyone who lives and works in Norwood. Here are just some of the issues we are working on with the Council, Police and NHS:

  • Regeneration of Norwood town centre
  • Education and youth services
  • Community buildings
  • Voluntary community groups
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Health services